The Lincoln Club Business League is proud to endorse the following
candidates running for public office in 2024:

Federal Offices

U.S. Congress

District 48: Hon. Darrell Issa

District 49: Matt Gunderson

District 51: Hon. Bill Wells


Statewide Offices

CA State Assembly 

District 74: Hon. Laurie Davies

District 75: Hon. Andrew Hayes

District 76: Hon. Kristie Bruce-Lane


County Offices

Board of Supervisors

District 2: Hon. Joel Anderson

District 3: Hon. Kevin Faulconer


Judicial Offices

San Diego Superior Court Judge

Office 41: Brian Erickson

Office 43: Valerie Summers

City Offices


Council District 2: Kevin Shin

Council District 4: Greg Day



Mayor: John Duncan



Council District 2: Jim O’Hara



Council District 3: Hon. Christian Garcia

Council District 4: Judy Fitzgerald



Mayor: Hon. Ryan Keim

Council District 1: Hon. Peter Weiss

Council District 3: Laura Bassett



Council District 2: Jared Wilson

Council District 4: Hon. Caylin Frank


San Diego

Council District 3: Hon. Stephen Whitburn


San Marcos

Council District 3: Danielle LeBlang

Council District 4: Hon. Ed Musgrove



Council District 2: Jeff Fox

Council District 3: Denisse Barragan


School Boards


Special Districts

Tri-City Healthcare District

Zone 1: Allen Newsome

Zone 5: Aaron Byzak

 The Lincoln Club Business League is proud to support/oppose
the following ballot initiatives in 2024:


SUPPORT: Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act