Statement on the Prop B Court Ruling

Six years after San Diego’s voters overwhelmingly passed the Prop B pension reform measure, the California Supreme Court today upheld the will of the voters but raised new questions that should put any taxpayer on high alert.

The court maintained Proposition B. However, it called for a “remedy” to the government unions' claim that this voter-backed measure should have gone through a labor negotiation process before passage. What that “remedy” should be is unclear.

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County was on the front lines of this fight in 2012 as skyrocketing pensions slashed city services, closed libraries and fire stations, and brought the city to the brink of financial disaster. The Lincoln Club led the effort to bring pension reform directly to the people when the unions and politicians were unwilling to address this crisis, and we will do it again if needed.

Prop B has been a resounding success and has turned the city’s finances around. On behalf of the people of San Diego, we will fight any attempt to overturn or undermine the will of the voters.

Brian Pepin

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County